CT Wedding DJ Service  –  It really IS “All about you!”

Your wedding should be as distinct as you are.  You and your fiancé each have special qualities and characters of your own, and you have an unbelievable dynamic when you’re together.  Naturally, the celebration of your union should reflect all of these. The success of your wedding depends upon the experience, flexibility, and creativity of the entertainer you hire.  We welcome this vital role, and we take extra-special care to help you plan your wedding from beginning to end. Remember, there are no rules!  While there are many traditional aspects to wedding ceremonies and receptions, each one is as unique as the couple they are built around. Do you want a more traditional, formal, and structured event, or a more casual affair where the mood of the moment will dictate the course of the event itself?  Helping you find just the right balance between these two approaches is the goal of the planning process.

We love to help

We know you’re new to this.  We’ll provide you with all the tools, resources, and experience to help you plan the wedding of your dreams!  Best of all, the planning process is easy and FUN!

CT Wedding DJ

We’ve got you covered

Our CT Wedding DJ Service offering is comprehensive, and simple.  Very simple.  Our experience with weddings, has allowed us to construct a well equipped offering that meets the needs of just about any wedding.  

What we offer:

In order to help you plan your perfect wedding, you get the following:

  • Extremely-detailed ceremony and reception planning materials that are used to fine-tune & customize your wedding day experience.
  • Practical ideas and suggestions for the flow of your reception to make sure it is full of moments to remember.
  • Consultations & communication via phone and e-mail to help you plan your event as thoroughly as possible.
  • On-site coordination with your venue staff and other vendors to ensure everything runs smoothly, as planned.
  • We make sure that any last-minute changes do not disrupt the overall flow of your celebration.

What does this mean to you?  The most successful wedding possible, and peace-of-mind regarding your wedding day!


Your Ceremony


Your family & friends will share every moment of your ceremony with you, as they’re drawn in with every word spoken, and each heartfelt vow you exchange.

Your laughter and tears of joy will be echoed by your guests, bringing you all closer in the most intimate of moments.

After your incredible exit, your guests will transition smoothly to your cocktail hour, where the background music of your choosing welcomes them and sets the mood for what’s to come.

  • Prelude music of your choice at your ceremony site while your guests are arriving and finding their seats.
  • Choose from traditional options, or mix it up with unique selections to truly personalize each part of your ceremony, including processionals, interludes, and your recessional.
  • Custom editing of ceremony selections, as needed.
  • Separate, dedicated sound system available, where needed.
  • Multiple wireless lapel (clip-on) microphones available for your officiant and fiance.
  • Additional wireless handheld microphones available, as needed, for special readings and vocal performances.
  • Sound system plugins available, as needed, for special musical performances.

But first…


Consult.  Collaborate.  Create.

Whether your wedding binder is all loaded up, color-coded, and ready to go, or you just don’t know where to start, it’s okay!  We have all the tools to make sure you get where you  need to be for a smooth-flowing, stress-free, and FUN wedding day!

Sample itineraries, timeline planner, dance music & special event music selection guides, ceremony music ideas, and more!  We’ll discuss & go over these materials and talk about your ideas and answer your questions. Also we’ll discuss creative ideas and suggestions based on experience to help you realize your vision.

The end result of this collaboration will be a highly customized and personalized wedding day experience for you, and your guests.