Pricing starts at $1495 but please call for a custom quote. Each event is tailored to YOU the customer,  and we prefer to discuss your exact needs to determine which package and add on enhancements are the best fit for you.

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Before you decide:

I’m sure you have heard the saying “if it sounds too good to be true it probably is”. This rings true in the wedding DJ realm and I recommend being cautious if you are strictly price shopping. There are several reasons some companies charge a little more than others. Some of the reasons may concern you more than others but I feel it’s worth mentioning because even if you decide to go with another company I want to ensure you are making an informed decision. Some of the reasons why a company may charge more are, higher quality equipment.. better speakers and better microphones that deliver more reliable and accurate sound reproduction, we purchase music legally…high quality MP3s instead of ripping/stealing music off youtube which has terrible audio quality. We are a legal, professional and insured businesses that have hidden expenses required to maintain a consistent long term entity. We take the time to have multiple consultations with couples to fine tune the music you want at your event. We will actually show up, on time and have back up plans in place for the rare emergency or equipment failures. We have built up the demand from a history of great service with past clients and command a higher price because they know we do it better.

Now with all that in mind we realize everyone has a limit as to how much they can spend on something. For example if someone approached me and said, “I can lease you a Rolls Royce for $1000 a month”…regardless of how great of a deal that is or how much I wanted to drive that Rolls Royce it wouldn’t matter because I could still not afford it. Now with a wedding the DJ winds up being X% of the total costs. If you find yourself trying to trim a few hundred dollars off the DJ in favor of fancy table center pieces or flower arrangements, please reconsider. The DJ is one of the most important aspects of any event and especially a wedding. The real pro will help guide the timeline of the day and provide a memorable experience that your guests will be talking about for years.

Add on items available (prices are applicable when coupled with a package)
• Ceremony Sound System $300
• Ceremony Mics $50 each
• Additional Time over 5hrs $200 per hour
• Cocktail Hour Sound System (if your cocktail hour is in a separate room) $250
• Up Lighting - Static Color $400 - Add Computer Control during dancing $100
• Moving Head Lights with Truss Towers $500
• Additional Sound Reinforcement for over 150 people - Call for Quote.

The EssentialsCT WEDDING DJ

• 5 hours of service
• DJ & MC Services
• Front Facade
• Sound System for up to 100 people  (including 2 wireless microphones)


The Common

• 5 hours of service
• DJ & MC Service
• Front Facade
• Choice of Ceremony Sound System or Cocktail Hour Sound System
• Sound System for up to 100 people (including 2 wireless microphones)

A Little Bit More

• 5 hours of music
• DJ & MC Services
• Front Facade
• Up-lighting (8 lights)
• Ceremony or Cocktail Hour Sound System
• Sound System for up to 150 people (Includes 2 wireless microphones)