Music Library

The Top Choice Events library is always expanding, and consists only of legally purchased music and is kept current in-part with record pools available only to professional disc jockeys, radio stations, and other industry professionals. This ensures that we always have the newest songs you and your guests want to hear, as well as the timeless classics you love, in the highest quality audio formats available.
The sheer size of this library prevents us from listing it here, but there’s definitely something for everyone! If we don’t have a song or artist you want for your event, We’ll get it! If you would like to inquire about specific types of music or certain artists/songs for your event, please feel free to contact us.

Special requests

At Top Choice Events, special requests are not only welcomed for each event, they are encouraged! Getting everyone in on the action is one of the best ways to guarantee that all of your guests have the best time they possibly can.

What’s new

It’s a DJ’s job to have their “ear to the ground” for all the newest music, so Top Choice Events will always have the most recent charting singles.

My goal is to provide you with as much information as possible to help you build your “Must Play” lists, and to let you know We’re on top of what’s HOT!

We constantly scour the top record pools in the industry to find the perfect version for each song. Often times we will have 5 or more versions of popular songs because every situation demands a slightly different vibe.

Sound Quality

One of the things we pride ourselves most with events we do is the sheer quality of sound presented to our clients.  If you were to listen to our sound system side by side against what most of the industry uses, the difference would be stark in contrast.  While most of the industry is using entry to mid level speakers made in China, we use higher end Italian made RCF brand speakers.  RCF speakers are a much more musical sound than the entry level speakers typically used.  You will hear detail in songs you never knew were there, almost like comparing a 4k TV to a 720p TV… sure the 720p will get the job done… but 4k is amazing.  We have a wide range of options and depending on the size of the crowd and venue we will always provide the best system possible for the event.  From a 50 person wedding with a small system to get people dancing , to a 500 person corporate event with large sub-woofers that can shake Steve from accounting out of his chair.  Don’t worry we always know what the appropriate volume is for a given situation and this will also be discussed during consultation.  We have what’s needed to get the job done right and have your guests or clients noticing.

Click the links below to see THIS WEEK’S CHARTS in each category.

See a top-hitting song you like in the lists below? We have it!

Urban Weekly Top 30
Adult Hits Top 30

Top 200

Each year, Mobile Beat magazine, an industry-leading publication for mobile DJs, compiles a list of the Top 200 most requested party & dance songs of the last past year, based on requests received by DJs nationwide.

The button below will open a new window with a ready-to-print version of this list. Use it to make YOUR list of “MUST PLAY” songs for your event, or just a really awesome playlist to listen to at home!

To play, or not to play…

When you hire Top Choice Events, this will never be a question! Instead of simply assuming I know what you might like or want and then proceeding to play what I want to play, we’ll discuss music selection with you prior to your event in order to get an understanding of your favorite musical styles, eras, artists, songs, etc. I even encourage you to make “MUST-PLAY” and (if you wish) “DO-NOT PLAY” lists. We’ll establish guidelines for the programming at your event, and I always make sure that requests coming in on-the-spot fit within those parameters. Because I get my music from subscription services that also supply new music to radio stations nation-wide, my selections are “clean versions” that are RADIO-FRIENDLY and edited for lyrical content. With Top Choice Events you never have to worry about out-of-place, inappropriate, or offensive material at your event.

Dinner & cocktail moods

Every event is special and unique, and many events are composed of different segments, each requiring their own specific mood, and I specialize in finding just the right music for just the right times. Many events have some sort of cocktail or dinner segment, usually at the beginning, which is best served by a subtle and pleasant backdrop. Not too-loud and not too-soft, the music during these times has to be just the right style and volume to both relax and entertain you and your guests while you enjoy the company of friends and family.

Background music should be just that… in the background.

Often, a subtle and classy backdrop that speaks of elegance and restraint is desired for these times, and if this is what you are looking for, I can provide you with the desired level of sophistication for these parts of your event.

There are the timeless standards, and tasteful renditions of contemporary ballads in all sorts of instrumental formats. I have solo (cocktail) piano, piano & orchestral ensembles, jazz arrangements, and more.

Background music doesn’t have to be BORING!

Done artfully, musical programming for your cocktail and dinner segments can be more than just white-noise… it can actually serve a purpose. By moving gradually between different types of instrumentation and by transitioning slowly from instrumental music to light vocal selections, these segments can be used to shape the mood of your event by subtly and almost subconsciously preparing your guests for what is coming ahead.

There are certainly no rules, and you don’t need to stick to the traditional fare for these parts of your event. Music or these parts of your event can not only create a mood, but can also reflect YOUR musical tastes and preferences as well. These segments can also be tailored to fit in with a theme. Whatever type of mood you wish to achieve, and whatever type of music it will take to get you there, I’m glad to provide it for you. Contact me today if you have any questions about musical programming for different parts of your celebration.