We LOVE light up letters!

About Us

Light Up Letters is run by the award-winning team at Top Choice Events. Having provided production services at hundreds of weddings and events we consider ourselves at the forefront of our industry. We constantly have our ears to the ground and our eager eyes watching out for trends; so how could we resist having Light Up Letters as part of our ever-increasing portfolio of production options.

Our Light Up Letters

We have worked very closely with our designers to ensure our Light Up Letters are stunningly impressive in terms of design, size and build quality. Our free-standing letters are 5ft/1.5m/150cm tall, hand-made from wood and painted with a pure white paint. The letters have authentic carnival reflectors with LED bulbs to give the optimum glow.All letters and symbols have bulbs and as the bulbs are LED they draw minimal power and many letters can be run easily from a 13amp plug socket. Another added bonus is that LED bulbs don’t emit any heat and therefore will not be a hazard to curious hands.

Impressive Entrance

Welcome guests to your event with an impressive entrance. 

Grab Some Attention

Create a unique and interesting space by highlighting a specific area, and of course… everyone wants to know where the Bar is!