Wireless LED Up Lighting

We offer wireless LED up lighting with thousands of colors to choose from to match your wedding colors. LED up lighting has become very popular and is one of the biggest requests from our clients for weddings.  Up lighting can transform the look of any venue from plain or bland to a vivid enlightening environment. The use of LED up lighting has major advantages for you and your guests. 

  • LED lights are 100% portable
  • More flexible to allow for more design ideas
  • Our LED up lighting is battery powered and controlled via wireless DMX signal.
  • More accurate light disbursement, so we can focus the light more accurately
  • Truer Colors to match your wedding colors
  • Operates at cooler temperatures, so parents of younger guests will not have to worry about their child  touching the light and burning themselves

Up Lighting is one of the newest and hottest trends in wedding reception enhancements. It is comparable to painting with light, to create a magical backdrop to your special day.  Up lighting will bring your dress, flowers, linens and the room to life, creating a warm, inviting and entertaining space.  Our light fixtures are place inconspicuously around your room and project decorative beams of light from floor to walls to ceiling.

Up Lighting changes the mood of the room as the reception progresses.  Up Lighting in combination with the house lights (chandeliers, recessed lighting & sconces) will be an elegant accent during the cocktail and dinner portions of your reception.  When the house lights are dimmed, the up lighting becomes richer and fills the room with a warm ambiance and lounge feeling.  It sets the mood for a very festive party to be had by all!

For Budget Minded Brides…..Up lighting can change the whole ambiance of a room for a fraction of the cost of extra flowers, favors or other types of decorations.

Up Lighting placed under your head or sweetheart table, behind your cake or highlighting an architectural detail of our venue, Up Lighting can add an extra touch of color and highlighting with just the right touch.  We can project colored light onto your table or set lights under your table to make them glow like they are bathed in your special color.

Custom Monogram Lighting!

Monograms, or gobos, have also become quite popular among brides and grooms, corporate events, and birthday parties. We can project your designed monogram on the center of your dance floor, over your head table, or on walls and drapery.

Some examples of monograms we can create include:

• Initials and wedding date for the bride and groom
• Happy Birthday (and the guest of honors name)
• Sweet 16
• Corporate Logos
• High School Names
• Custom Name Designs

As your entertainment, we want to make your event exceptional by making sure even the smallest details are not overlooked.