Just the right touch

I take my role as MC/Master of Ceremonies very seriously, because I understand the importance of a quality MC at any event. This is especially true for more formal events like weddings. As your Master of Ceremonies, I’ll make announcements as needed during your event to make sure everything flows as smoothly as possible, and can even encourage and liven up your guests. Your introductions, special dances and events, and all key aspects of your event will be handled professionally, and tastefully.

While the client and the nature of the event will determine the amount of interaction involved, my MC/performance style is generally low key and reserved. Because I understand the ability of music to create different atmospheres and moods, I love letting the music do the talking while you spend your time with your family & friends.

I find out what you want

I’ll work with you to find out what kind of presentation style you are looking for beforehand, so you don’t have to worry about any activities or a presentation that might take away from the rest of your event. I’m not a game show host or a stand-up comedian, and I’m not at your event doing an “act,” so you will not find me trying to fill any of these roles… only trying to create and maintain the atmosphere you desire in a tasteful and professional manner. I understand that you are choosing me to represent you
to your guests!

Keep it simple, tasteful, and FUN

My utmost desire at any event is to have the musical atmosphere I’m creating felt and enjoyed by all, while I myself am actually seen and heard as little as possible. You, your guests, and the celebratory nature of your occasion are what makes “fun” and makes your event special. I simply provide a backdrop and atmosphere that helps to nurture and enhance these aspects of your event.

I can offer suggestions on ways to keep your guests involved throughout the course of your event without putting anyone “on-the-spot” or making them feel awkward. It’s definitely possible to make your event entertaining without your DJ overtly trying to be an “entertainer.” We all know from experience that there is a fine line between the two that is often crossed where the end result is a “cheesy” or over-the-top DJ performance that can be distracting, or even embarrassing. Not here!

I keep the focus on YOU!

The way we see it, if your DJ is actively trying to entertain, chances are very good that they risk taking the focus and attention away from where it belongs (on you and your guests), and putting it on themselves… and that’s just not my style.

Don’t get me wrong… There’s a time and place for everything, and if you’re doing a themed-event, or would just like to add a little general craziness using props, games, etc, I’ll be right there with you to ensure that you and your guests get the most out of your celebration.

In the end, it is up to you to decide how much of a “presence” you want from the person you hire, and I’ll do my best to accommodate your desired level of interaction, and we’ll determine this during our planning process.

How does my preferred presentation

style compare to that of some other services?

Check out the key below to see where I fall.

Low-Key/Formal – My own presentation style.


  • Very Little DJ “Talk Time.”

  • Announcements as planned and as needed to keep your guests informed, and your event running smoothly.

  • Games, activities, props, and participation dances (Chicken Dance, Macarena, etc.) only upon your request.

  • Prefers to remain in the background, maintaining an atmosphere as opposed to being a large part of it.

  • The focus of your event stays where it should be – on YOU!

Moderate Interaction:

  • Moderate amount of “DJ Talk Time.”

  • May include more DJ small-talk, jokes/humor, and or a “chit-chatty” type of presentation.

  • Games, activities, props, and novely dances may play a more prominent role.

  • More focus on DJ.

High Energy/Loud:

  • A lot of “DJ talk time,” often delivered with a “game-show host” or “motivational speaker” type of presentation.
  • Very animated physically, and often moving around among guests, perhaps even putting them on the spot or making them uncomfortable.

  • Games, activities, props, and are almost a given.

  • DJ becomes more of a focal point of the event.

Off the mic

Just as important, if not more so, than what your Master of Ceremonies is (or isn’t) saying on the microphone is what they are doing behind the scenes to help facilitate a smooth flowing, successful event. A quality provider coordinates with your other vendors and the venue staff both before & during your event in order to ensure that everyone is on the same page, and that everyone knows exactly what is going to happen when, and what’s happening next. My experience with many different types of events, and with many of the areas finest vendors & venues, makes Sounds To Go a great choice when you want your event to run smoothly from beginning to end.